Massage Salts

LET IT FLOW    50/80min $95/$135

 A fresh mind is a fountain of great thoughts. Keep the positivity flowing as we transport you from your stressful day to a relaxed wonderland. A signature Swedish full body massage aimed to increase circulation, remove toxins trapped within the muscles and enhance oxygen flow throughout the body.

DEEP BLUE   50/80min $119/$170

When pressures of life make you feel tense with chronic muscle tension, it can leave you feel off kilter. Allow our highly trained massage therapists to customize moderate to deep tissue massage movements and the soothing movements of age-old Swedish massage, to get you back to your happy relaxed self again. Afterall, it is the happiest place on earth around here. Come in and experience it for yourself. 

THREE SENSES   50/80min $105/$145

Invigorate your senses through touch, sound and the infusion of natural oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits. The perfect blend of Swedish, lymphatic and lomi lomi massage with the soothing sound of trickling waters will have you drifting away to an enhanced physiological and physical well-being.

SOLEIL STONE   80min $159

Calm the nervous system and relax your muscles. Hot smooth pebbles will be carefully placed on areas of tension throughout the body. Combined with drizzling rich oils and deep gliding massage techniques, this treatment will improve circulation and bring you to a natural state of equilibrium.

ORLANDO OAKS   25min $59

The blissful feeling of lying under an Oak tree with the warm sun resting on your back is what we have recreated with our Orlando Oak back, neck and shoulder massage. Soleil Spa nature inspired ambiance, botanical hot oils and soothing massage movements that are aimed to release upper-body tension.

WALKING ON SUNSHINE   25/50min $65/$115

Feeling sluggish lately? In need of a boost? The power of Reflexology might just be your go to. This massage targets specific reflex points in the feet and hands, corresponding with individual organs throughout the body, to send signals that balance the nervous system, reduce pain and stress, energize and maintain your overall health.

MOTHER NATURE   50/80min $119/$139

The mother nature massage is a nurturing full body massage with safe and effective prenatal techniques to ease aches and pains and bring an expectant mother to a more relaxed state of mind. Please note, expectant mothers must be past their first trimester to receive this treatment.

BLOSSOMING LOVE   50/80min $235/$295

This soothing and peaceful full body massage allows couples the chance to unwind side-by-side in our couples suite and create the best of memories together. Bubbly beverages will be served as you float on out ...Cheers!!

HAPPY FEET   25min/55min $49/$89

Be prepared to experience happy feet. This treatment will leave your feet smooth and soft. Your feet will have a refreshing massage with Eucalyptus essential oil and warming relief massage oil.