Spa Treatment Stones

Soleil Spa offers a supreme wellness experience and invites you to soak up our pure organic, naturally sourced ingredients and treatment combinations that nurture the skin and energize the soul on a most optimal level. Our Spa Experiences incorporate massages, scrubs, facials and treatments so you can relax and feel pampered.

Florida Feels   -   1.5 hours   $165

Float in for a lavish foot scrub and a full-body ‘Three Senses’ massage with a cranial & scalp treatment. Float Out with the ultimate silky, smooth feels from head to toe. This treatment will restore calm and make you feel uplifted.

SOLEIL ESCAPE   3 hours   $375

This escape to utopia will excite your sense of smell, relax your muscles, and rejuvenate your skin. The escape begins with a foot scrub ritual followed by a full body ‘Soleil Stone’ massage using tropical aroma blends and concludes with a Hydrating Arctic Berry Facial. This treatment is perfect for relieving tension and nourishing your mind and body.

OASIS   -   4 hours    $319

A true oasis. This experience starts with a ‘Let it Flow' Massage with a rhythmic technique using heated stones, followed by a ‘Fountain of Youth’ Facial and concludes with a Grand Pedicure and Manicure. This treatment will have you experiencing total transcendence and allow you to feel deep full body relaxation. 

All Spa Experiences include a sorbet and bubbly beverage.